The Big Fat Mouth is a Social Media Agency made up of a bunch of really unique and talented people who come from a variety of marketing disciplines including advertising, design, experiential, account services, branding, public relations, and even some programmers. Other than vast experience, the one thing that ties us all together is that we all realized social media is is the single most powerful tool we have seen since the advent of television. That isn’t to say we don’t do a lot of really cool other stuff too, because we do. Mobile…yup we do that. Experiential…yup we do that too. App design and programming? Yup again.

Big Fat Mouth Social Media

In the end though, we are all about the conversation…you know the one that every brand should be having with their target audience…but sadly are not. If they are having it they are talking to them in “market speak” which is just plain old silly. We love this saying and we try to remember it in all of our work.


“If we spoke to our friends like most marketing speaks to consumers…

our friends would punch us in the nose!”


We never get punched and we work hard to make sure that consumers don’t want to punch any of our clients either. Actually it is a really easy goal to achieve. So take a look around our site to learn more about us and what we do. You have our promise that you won’t find any meaningless marketing drivel on this site, but you might get to know what we’re really all about.


We ran a social media contest to give our founder a title.

After 20,000+ submissions & 600,000+ votes, this is what he ended up with…