Are we a virtual social media agency? No…not really since we have a full-time staff of talented marketers and programmers in each of our offices. On the other hand, we do have a database of the absolute best project based talent in more than 20 marketing disciplines who we call upon when we need them. We are not constrained by the typical agency set-up where we have to “use the people we have,” even if they are not the right person for the client or project.  We prefer to think of ourselves as a Networked Agency. By that we mean that we have a few networks of people we can tap into at any time for any task.  For example, we have a social media network of over 300 super savvy social media animals who are ready to work at any time.  While they are predominantly based in the US, we do have people in over 25 countries who are ready to go any time of the day and night.  They also walk in  a lot of different worlds so their interests and friends are varied to say the least.  We also have more that 25 designers, 75 programmers in essentially every language, illustrators, and just about everything else. We are all tied together through an internal communication system that allows simultaneous real-time collaboration on any project.  Well… the only thing we can’t all get at the same time and place is a lunch delivery!


We have the luxury of finding the perfect match for each client and each project…

every time!

virtual social media agency with global reach

You see, most people saw the economic downturn as a huge problem, but not us. We saw it as an opportunity to tap into some of the most creative and experienced marketers around the world who were looking for something different. A better working arrangement and environment. We took more than two years interviewing and working with incredible people to learn what they do best. We have spoken with and met thousands of talented people but chose only to work with about 100 of them. We can honestly say that when we put a team of people on a project, it is like working with an all-star team. Imagine being able to hand pick the best people from a variety of agencies and that is what you get when you work with The Big Fat Mouth — the best talent in all the areas that matter to you and your brand.

If you like to do things the right way…with the right people…every time, then you need to call us for your next marketing challenge.