social media badass report

In this episode of The Social Media Badass Report,  we discuss what to do when your social media sucks.  Remember that if we say your social media sucks, it is likely because your fans have sent us a message and told us that your social media sucks.  It just isn’t up to par with the rest of your brand, but fear not, all is not lost.  With some hard work and determination you can go from a social media failure to a social media badass in no time.

Jonathan Ressler from the social media agency, The Big Fat Mouth, is the host of The Social Media Badass Report.  He talks to hundreds of brands and social media practitioners every week and is always on the lookout for what is hot in the social media world.  He is also on the lookout for social media failures, so if you want to follow his social media efforts, click on any of the icons below and get started!