social media badass reportIn this episode of The Social Media Badass Report,  we discuss how we select which social media badass we are going to profile and which social media failure we are going to profile.  Now keep in mind, we don’t always pick a failure as we don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings.  OK… that is not true, we don’t really care about their feelings, bust sometimes we just don’t even think they are worth talking about.  Again, when enough people tell us about a failure, we eventually work them into the mix, but we like to focus on the social media badasses more than anything else.  Enjoy the video below that tells you how we pick ‘em!




Jonathan Ressler from the social media agency, The Big Fat Mouth, is the host of The Social Media Badass Report. He talks to hundreds of brands and social media practitioners every week and is always on the lookout for what is hot in the social media world. He is also on the lookout for social media failures, so if you want to follow his social media efforts, click on any of the icons below and get started!