social media badass report

The Social Media Badass Report is a short video show that we try to do as often as we can.  This is where we point out a person, a brand, a product or someone or something else that is killing it with social media.  It could be massive growth in a short period of time.  It might be all about innovation or some new platform that is out there.  It is hard to say what we will report on, because to be perfectly honest we don’t know until we see it.  We do however, have quite a few people who write to us and let us know if they see something that they like or want us to look into further…either good or bad. if you want to see something on the show, scroll down and use the contact box below to send us a message.

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A Social Media Badass is someone or a brand that just gets it.  They know how to use social media to reach their goals and they produce content that you actually want to interact with.  That is what it is all about.

A Social Media Failure on the other hand is a person or brand who just can’t seem to wrap their brain around what social media is all about.  This is not to say that their brand is not great or they are not an interesting person, because honestly, most of the time they are failures because their real word brand or image is much better than they portray in social media.  Frequently social media failures change to social media badasses over time with a little coaching and some instruction.