If Google can’t find you…

how can you possibly think your customers will?

Social Media is the single most powerful SEO tool in the world. Period. Ever since the search engines started indexing social media sites, the rules have changed. Your SEO company won’t tell you that little tidbit. Here is another tasty factoid…

More than 33% of the search engine results for the top 50 brands are links to user generated content – social media.

Translated that means that consumers can easily define your brand for you if you do not use social media to define it for them.

The fact is that if you are not using social media to optimize your website and it’s content you simply can’t stay on page one of Google for very long…if you can get there at all.

Social media effects your search engine rankings

How valuable would it be for your brand to be in that number one spot? Using our proven techniques, we can get and keep you there, all while creating tons of positive content about your brand. How’s that sound for ROI on social media?