Just because you are not looking, doesn’t mean people are not talking about you!

The best and worst thing about social media is that it is one big conversation with millions of people talking at the same time and about the same things.

We are willing to bet that if you Google “<your brand> sucks” you will be surprised by what you find.

That may be harsh language to some, but the truth is that they people are saying it in one way or another. Hiding your head in the sand doesn’t make it go away!

It is virtually impossible for any brand to manually monitor all of those conversations. We have built our own proprietary social media monitoring tool that monitors everything that is being said about our clients across the web and beyond. It allows you to go to one place and see what the world is saying about you and allows you to react and respond…like a human being would respond. One click and you can respond to hundreds of mentions with a message that is on strategy and factually correct. You can time them to come out at different times, you can have different voices respond to different posts and basically do what you want to, all from our dashboard.

protect your brand with social media monitoring

Now is the time to take control of your brand online and beyond.  Social media has in many ways shifted the balance of who controls the brand over to the consumer.  Think about it… there are a lot more of them out there than just you!  When they say something is factual and post it online in the right places, it becomes fact.  You have heard people say it about a ton of subjects.  “Oh…you don’t believe it’s true?  Just Google it!”  Basically what that means is for many people if it is on Google it must be true.  With more than 33% of the results of search engine results linking back to user generated content, you better be sure what those users are saying.  Online reputation management is one of the  fastest growing sectors in these times because people can do tremendous damage to your brand with a few ill placed words.

If you are not using some type of social media monitoring tool, you are basically flirting with disaster.  The fact is that the conversation is happening with our without you. The only question is will you join and mold that conversation to present your brand in the best possible light? the choice is yours.