There is a huge difference between “doing social media” and “using social media the right way


You know your brand needs to be active in social media to be successful in today’s environment. The big question is always how do we measure the ROI? The best response we have ever heard to that question is “How do you measure the ROI of your mobile phone?” The bottom line is that social media is a necessary tool for any brand today and there are many ways to measure ROI.

We have worked with hundreds of brands over the years on their social media consulting and the funny thing is that most of them have no idea what they are trying to accomplish.  The simply know they need to have some type of presence in social media and mistakenly believe that the first step is to do anything social and then create a strategy later.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Brands, athletes and celebrities absolutely must start with the end in mind.  Check that.. you have to start with an end in mind.  It may not be where you ultimately end up, but there has to be a goal that we are working towards so we all know what to measure.  That brings us to the next point.  We find that while brands want to be able to measure their ROI on social media, they oftentimes do not know what they want to accomplish. You know, what is the “R” you are looking for in your ROI.  How do you know you have arrived when you don’t know where you are going?

Big Fat Mouth Social Media Strategy

The Big Fat Mouth will develop a measurable and executable strategy for your brand in the every changing social media arena, on the platforms that make sense for your brand.  Maybe Linkedin makes the most sense for you.  Could it be Pintrest?  You will never know unless you can clearly define what you are looking for.  If you want some help with this, you can download our social media strategy worksheet here to give you a starting point.

Your strategy must include elements like social media optimization to boost your Google rankings, , social media monitoring so you know what people are saying about you and more.  There is so much more to social media than throwing up a Facebook page and hoping that your customers “Like” you.  That is like going to school when you were a kid and hoping you made some friends.  Both of them take work on your part!

Basically,  we will show you how to use social media properly for your brand and your brand’s marketing and sales objectives.  Once we get started on your social media consulting and strategy, you won’t be talking about the Chinese food you ate for lunch (unless you are a food critic) but you will be talking about stuff that actually matters. At the same time you will be building equity in your brand and helping to move it up the Google rankings…all with one hand behind your back so you can answer that mobile phone.