When we were kids our parents told us not to do certain things because it would be “on our permanent record.” That was a tool created by parents, but…

Today there is a permanent record and it is called Google.

The only difference is that now anything anyone says about you…regardless of whether or not it is true…is captured by Google and is recorded forever for the world to see and there is nothing you can do to stop them. Even worse, depending on how and where they post this misinformation, it can come up above you on the search engine results pages. When that happens… and it happens all the time…it will most likely hurt your business or even put you out of business.

Big Fat Image of Online Reputation Management

While we cannot get people to stop circulating misinformation, we can keep them from ranking higher than you on Google. We basically take all of your true and accurate information and move it up the Google rankings so the nefarious information gets pushed down and off the first page. When we are done, we have built walls around your brand and it is much more difficult for anyone to get negative information onto the first page of Google.

Here is process for those with ADD

■ Research what is being said

■ Come up with the plan

■ Generate more positive publicity about you

■ Build the “authority” of that information you like and convince the search engines that the positive sites are more valid than the negative sites

■ Continually monitor the situation to make sure the positive content remains front and center, and any negative sites are outside of the top 20 search engine results