Jonathan Ressler is a professional speaker who had delivered more than 50 keynotes and has spoken at hundreds of corporate events and seminars.  His audience has ranged from 3,500 employees at a national conference to a small room of business innovators in a private setting.  His engaging delivery and refreshing outlook on social media and human communication always make him one of the most sought after speakers in the marketing arena.  He speaks on a variety of topics including social media, general marketing, stealth marketing, connecting with consumers and many other aspects of communication.  He is the creator of Human Bowling Ball (really!) and is credited with starting the Stealth Marketing movement that swept the globe a few years ago.  His is available for speaking engagements of almost any size throughout the world.

He has been an interview subject for The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, People Magazine, Newsweek and many others.  He has also been featured on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno, CNN, 60 Minutes just to name a few.  He and his work were also profiled in the award winning documentary The Corporation, with filmmaker Michael Moore, Noam Chomsky,  and top marketers and CEO’s from the world’s largest companies.

You can read Jonathan Ressler’s Bio here.

You can find out how he received the title The Mouth That Roared or why he is called The Social Media Badass too.

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