Are you creating experiences that your target consumer is connecting with and talking about?

While social media is all the rage in 2012, it is just the evolution of what experiential marketing has been for the past 5-10 years. Let’s face it, experiential marketing is all about creating an experience that the target consumer connects with and talks about. That is a one-on-one connection that people share with their friends. That simple principle still remains, however, now people share with hundreds, thousands and even tens of thousands of people at once through social media. But it all starts with that experience and it has to be done right. It all comes down to these 4 things:

The Right People

in The Right Place

Doing The Right Thing

at The Right Time


It sounds so simple, but it is incredible how many brands get it wrong. They get 2 of the 4 or 3 of the 4,but not all of them at the same time. That is when it all breaks down.

TBFM experiential Marketing

The Team at the Big Fat Mouth has designed and executed literally thousands of experiential campaigns for clients of all sizes and in pretty much every category you could think of. We have won every single award in the experiential field and have created all of the programs that others said could not be done.  Now imagine the power of that cutting edge thinking plus passion for the work and add it into a social media agency and you have The Big Fat Mouth.  We have taken the best of every marketing discipline and rolled it all into one agency and guarantee the best results you can get in the business today.  We can confidently say that we were the first agency to use social media in an experiential campaign way back in 2000!  That’s right, we use SMS in a Nestle campaign before most people even knew what it was!  You can see it here

If you want a groundbreaking experiential campaign integrated with cutting edge social media, call us and let us blow your mind!