The Internet Changes Over the Past Decade

It is truly incredible how much the Internet has changed an grown over the past 10 years.  Remember back in 2002 when Facebook was not something we knew about?  How about when a 700mhz mac powerbook as all the rage?  It was incredible when we could download a song in less than 10 minutes because of this new technology called broadband.  No more 56k dial-up connections.  Damn…this Internet thing is pretty fast and there is a lot out there.

It is truly incredible what has happened over the past 10 years in the world of the Internet.  In fact, I would say that the internet has changed our lives in so many ways over the past decade.  Take a look at this social media badass infographic to see what has happened online in the past 10 years.


So the moral to this story is that if you are still doing things the way you used to do them 10 years ago…or even three years ago, you are way behind the times.  If you need some help developing a social media strategy to help you get caught up, you should be calling us at the Big Fat Mouth.  We can get you out of those old habits and start you on the path to the future.