Content marketing is a term you are going to be hearing more and more about over the coming months and years.  The truth is that it has always been a part of the marketing mix, but it was difficult for smaller brands to create quality content.  Now the entire landscape has changed and content marketing is becoming critical in a variety of areas. First, it is critical in the future of SEO, or what is not called SMO or social media optimization.  Second, is that people want to engage with quality content and disengage from branded corporate crap.  If you want your customers to be engaged with your brand, you better know a thing or two about content marketing.  This Social Media Badass infographic is a great place to start.

The Content Marketing Explosion - Social Media Badass Infographic

If you are not taking your time and really thinking about the content your brand is creating you are truly playing with fire.  Content is and always will be King, and social media is making sure of that!


If you need help filing in the blanks in your content marketing strategy, or just some help with your overall social media marketing, then you should be talking to us at The Big Fat Mouth.  After all…we got you to engage with this content.  We can do the same for customers and your content as well.