So everyone is talking about Pinterest and how much fun it is to use and how addicting it can be once you get into it.  The funny thing is that another huge benefit of Pinterest is that you can create a decent amount of SMO link juice if you know what you are doing.  The best part of social media is tat everyone likes to share.  That is what it is all about.  Study this Social Media Badass infographic and you will clearly see how to make every pin count!


If you follow the guidelines in this infographic, you will not only have better quality pins and boards, but you will help your website get more love, more traffic and more sales.  That is what Pinterest image optimization is designed to do!

If you don’t understand the difference between optimizing your pins and pinning the tail on the donkey,  then you should be calling us at The Big Fat Mouth.  We can help you remove the blindfold and get on track with a great social media strategy and program.  Oh… and don’t forget to follow our pins…which are all optimized!


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