Everyone knows that LinkedIn is the social network for business people.   We also know that a lot of business is created through connections on LinkedIn.  We have all heard the stories of huge deals starting on that social network, but who is really out there?  People ask us all the time who uses LinkedIn and exactly what are the LinkedIn demographics.  This Social Media Badass infographic answers those questions and more.

LinkedIn Demographics - Social Media Badass Infographic

Wow… those are some pretty amazing numbers.  Since this infographic was created a few short months ago, the number have actually increased substantially.  If you are a brand and you do not have a complete Company Page on LinkedIn, you are leaving money and customers on the table.

If you need help creating and managing your LinkedIn Company Page or want to get some tips and tricks on how to use LinkedIn to drive more sales, then you need to contact us at The Big Fat Mouth.  We can help you with this and show you how LinkedIn needs to tie into your overall social media strategy.  Oh yeah…while we are thinking about it… check out our Company page on LinkedIn and be sure to follow us!  (hey…we are marketing our brand too!)