You are a B2B marketers.  You want to know how to use LinkedIn for B2B marketers.  So the good news is that you know LinkedIn exists.  After all, you have to keep your resume current because you never know how or when this gig is going to end!

The bad news is that you don’t know how to increase your company’s awareness, generate leads and sales through LinkedIn.   Take a look at the Social Media Badass Infographic that will help you answer those questions and more.


LinkedIn for B2B Marketers - Social Media Badass Infographic


There are some relatively easy steps outlined above and if you follow them you should be able to move the needle on LinkedIn because most companies do not have solid Company Pages or know how to use LinkedIn to actually drive business to the front door.


If you want to know how to leverage the massive power of LinkedIn, then you should be talking to us at The Big Fat Mouth.  We can help you with LinkedIn and the rest of your social media marketing needs as well.  We would also appreciate it if you would follow our company on LinkedIn.  The truth is sometimes it is as easy as asking!

LinkedIn for B2B Marketers