Every marketer under the sun wants to know what the value of their social media fan base is.  While there have been many attempts to put a number on different types of fans, the truth is that the value is whatever you make of them.  If you have thousands of fans and don’t interact with them, then the reality is that their  value is nothing.  If you have only 1,000 fans who are extremely engaged, they could be worth millions of dollars to your brand.  The truth is that the old saying still rings true.  “What you get out, depends on what you put in”  The more energy and budget that you allocate to social media, the more you will take away.  Take a look at the Social Media Badass infographic covering the importance of a fan base.


The Importance Of A Fan Base - Social Media Badass Infographic


If for some unknown reason you are trying to figure out whether or not it is worth your time to get into social media with more focus, after reading this, the answer should be YES!

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