Many CEOs forbid use of social media at work, but recent research shows that web surfing leads to increased productivity.  Facebook in the workplace can be and is a good think for most companies and their employees.

This Social Media Badass  infographic explores the benefits of social media in the workplace, showing that social connections make people happier and a brief recess involving Internet-browsing increases productivity.  I know that I am always happier when I can connect to Facebook,,,granted that is our business…but I am still happier!



So the question is do you allow people in your workplace to to use Facebook.  if that answer is no, you are likely still using a rotary dial phone and an “adding machine,” because that mode of thinking is so outdated it is scary.

Do you allow Facebook in the workplace?  If you are not sure why you should allow your employees to log-on, check in, tweet up, meet up, or post a photo, you should be calling us.  We can show the who, what . where, when and why you should be embracing social media in the workplace. We can also help you develop social media guidelines, a social media strategy and a lot more.  We are The Big Fat Mouth, an award winning social media agency.  Oh yeah…you can always update your Facebook status in our office!