China has come online extremely quickly in recent years. Today, one in five Internet users are Chinese — that’s half a billion people. And while growth has evened out since 2007, it shows no sign of stopping.

Chinese Internet users spend about the same amount of time online as their U.S. counterparts, but their habits differ. Instant messaging apps are still big, and edge out even search engines in terms of active users. Chinese users also flock to web “portals,” as U.S. users did in the earlier days of the World Wide Web. Online shopping has also taken hold, and some analysts predict China may become the largest ecommerce market by 2015.
This Social Media badass infographic shows a  swath of compelling data on the largest new online population. Check out the graphic below, and if you own a website, app or social network, perhaps it’s time to launch a Chinese version.



By now you should be convinced that the Chinese market is a big one…a really, really big one.  The problem is that if you don’t know what Sina Weibo  is then you are in trouble, because 300 million users in China do and you may be missing an opportunity.


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