It’s funny how we hear a lot of our clients…before they were clients… tell us that they don’t use social media because they are B2B companies and social media is B2C.  What a ridiculous statement that is!  Social media is about people reaching out to other people through a communication channel that happens to be social media.  I would say you would be hard pressed to find someone in a B2B business who is not on social media somewhere.

B2C not using social media because they feel it is too B2C would be like not going to a party because they are not talking business there.  You never know where the next customer is going to come from and you never know how you might reach them.  The one thin we can’t forget is that there are people at the other end of social media.  Not B’s or C’s…just people.  All of them make hundreds of decisions and recommendations every day.


Take a look at the Social Media Badass infographic on how B2B is finally embracing social media.


B2B Social Media On The Rise -  Social Media Badass Infographic


The time has come for you to dip your toe in the water and see what these crazy kids are doing in this social media thing.  Why not… it is only the single largest shift in business since the industrial revolution.  It might actually be time to get involved.

If you are still leery, even after we just chastised you… then you might want to give us a call at The Big Fat Mouth.  We can help you develop a simple social media strategy that you can get comfortable with.  We know it is a big step to jump into the pool without the water wings, but we will be right here to catch you.  Heck…we might even hold your hand afterwards!