For the sake of this conversation, let’s keep Koni 2012 off to the side, as we don’t know yet if that is a scam or just a not-for-profit that doesn’t do a great job with allocating funds to the right places.  Either way, it was an incredible viral event, the like of which we have never seen.  But….as usual…I digress.

We have all received those emails, phone calls and other solicitations that we just don’t know if they are legit or not.  Of course you know they are a scam, but somewhere in the back of your mind you still wonder of there is some truth to them and you are missing out on some great opportunity to get a free iPad or a million bucks from Mark Zuckerberg.  Admit it…you thought about some of them for a moment and justified it by thinking “there has been crazier stiff on the Internet.”  In the interest of doing a public service and putting your mind at rest, I have attached a great infographic from The Better Business Bureau that outlines the top scams of the last year.  Note that number 10 is about the BBB themselves.  Enjoy this and know that you are not alone!

Have you fallen victim to any of these scams?  Are there any that the BBB didn’t report here but you know about?  Let me know your thoughts and be sure to share this with all of your friends so they don’t fall prey to these tempting scams!


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