In my role as The Social Media Badass at The Big Fat Mouth, I am supposed to know what is going on in social media on all fronts and play with platforms equally.  (Yes,  I do consider it to be play, not work).  What I have found is that I can’t stop myself from checking out Pintrest all the time, and once I start I have a hard time stopping.  I see an image and I want to learn more, repin it and share it with the world.  Then I tend to lather, rinse and repeat!

Do you find yourself saying things like “ok…I am just going to look at one more board and then I am done.

How about “I am just going to add one more pin to this board and then I am done for the day.”

If you find yourself saying either of those, or even something close to that you are likely addicted to Pintrest.  Fear not… You are not alone.  There are millions of Pintrest addicts out there and here are a few reasons why.

5  Reasons You’ve Got A Pintrest Jones

1. Simple Design  -  The number one reason has to be that the design is so simple.  It is easy to use and easy to look at.  We all like visual stuff, and Pintrest is the ultimate in visual!

2. We Love Photos -  There is a ton of content up there, and we all know that photos/images are the most viewed content on every social media site.  A whole site of images and comments…Nirvana!  The addiciting part is that the content grows every day so you have to keep coming back for more.

3. Welcome Change -  It is a nice change from the constant grind of Facebook and Twitter…status updates, check-ins, relationship noise, etc.  How about a little mindless looking at images for a while.  ADDICTING!

4.  It is Always There – It is always with you via the mobile app and browser bookmarklet.  You don’t have to log in to the site, so no mater where you go….Pintrest is there with you begging you to pin something!  It is easy and it feels good.

5. Your Big Ego -  You can become a social media superstar with Pintrest easily.  Ego is a powerful driver and when your pins appear out onthe front page of Pintrest it feeds your ego (at least it feeds mine) so you do it again.  Pintrest also mines your Facebook friends and has them automatically follow you when you first sign up.  It couldn’t be easier to get followers and say what you will,  but social media is still a huge popularity contest for a lot of people.

Take a look at this great infiographic from Flowtown that gives us a bunch more reasons why Pintrest is so damn addicting!


There are many more reasons than these few that people are so addicted to Pintrest, but this is a good start.  Tell us what you love so much about Pintrest in the comments below.

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