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I recently got involved with a fantastic Facebook Marketing program by Mari Smith where she is doing an online series talking about all things that matter with respect to Facebook.  I have to say that everything I have ever seen from her is super and I highly recommend checking her information out.  She is a […]

The Most Profitable Collegiate Sports Programs

As a follow up to my post yesterday, I figured I would give you an idea of just how much money these collegiate sports program make in profit every year.  The numbers are mind boggling, especially when you consider that they have a never ending talent pool who is more than willing to play for […]

How Social Media Effects Search Engine Rankings

If you are not aware of this, there have been massive changes in the world of SEO in the past few months and may sites that have enjoyed top rankings for years have suddenly found themselves nowhere.  Yes, this is partly due to both the Panda and Farmer updates Google has made, but this is […]

Great Tips Business Travelers

Even though I took American Airlines to task in my last post (read it here) I still have to travel for business.  In my role at the Big Fat Mouth, the social media agency, I usually travel a week or two each month.   That involves packing the right gear, fighting my way through security […]