There is no doubt that every brand out there knows they need to be using social media as a tool in their marketing toolbox. The problem is that many brands are still struggling with how to figure out the impact of social media on their business.  While I am not going to be able to answer that question for you specifically for your brand, but this infographic will provide some insight into how social media marketing is affecting overall business.  The net takeaway is that social media marketing in 2012 will be all about engagement.  That means having your fans and followers actually interacting with your brand.  So let me break that down to simpler terms for you.  Social media marketing is all about having a two-way conversation, not a monologue.  That means get your fans and followers to talk with you and tell you what they think, feel, and want from your brand.

Here are a few easy ways to drive engagement with your social media marketing efforts.

1.  Ask questions

Feel free to ask your fans/followers what they think of your advertising, product, brand, etc.  I know that can be scary, but they are saying it anyway…you might as well know what they are saying and be able to respond and steer the conversation.

2.  Post Photos

Photos with a description get the most clicks, like and interactions than any other type of content out there.

3.  Have a call to action in every post

This means ask people to click the like button, comment on your blog, or share the content with their friends and followers.  You should also ask people to re-tweet your tweets.  Plain and simple…it works!

4.  Try to respond to every post and question

If your fans and followers are taking the time to interact with you, then you better take the time to answer them.  One or two unanswered posts are enough to turn a fan off for life.

5.  Cross promote your social media sites

It amazes me how many people and brands do not have links back to all of their social media sites from their webpages and social pages.  If people are taking the time to interact with you on one of them, they will likely want to interact with you on others as well.

6.  Humanize your brand

While it used to be fact that brands were not living, breathing entities, today they are.  The reason for this is that people can now interact with brands more than ever before.  The key word is people.  People are talking to you through social media, so make sure that you respond as a person that represents the brand and what it is all about.  Remember…even though social media marketing happens online, it is people on the other end of the message.  It is all about people talking to people.  Nothing more.. nothing less!


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