Energize Your Small Business Marketing With Twitter


In today’s economy, every business could use a marketing boost, but many business people have no idea how to start.  One great way to energize your small business marketing is to use Twitter.  Of course it is free, and there are millions of people…no make that potential customers…out there every day looking for you.  Some people say the best thing about Twitter is that it is a real time search engine.  That means you can search for what is happening right now…in real time.  We believe that to be true, but we also believe the biggest benefit for any business on Twitter is that your potential customers are out there giving you clues that that want to be your real customers.  Social media is a lot of fun to use, but if you are not using it to generate sales then it is a waste of your time in the business world.

Here is a mind blowing stat that comes to us compliments of our friends over atAwareness

Twitter handles more
search queries per month
than Bing and Yahoo combined – 32 billion.


Implications For Marketers

Millions of potential consumers are searching on Twitter. In today’s world, it’s as important to be on social channels as it is to have a website, in most cases. Millions of searches are occurring each month – and they are likely your prospects, current customers or unhappy customers of your competitors.

Make It Work For You

1. Analyze Trending Topics: Review trending topics to capitalize on what’s popular and participate in ongoing conversations.
2. Practice Targeted Listening: Create monitoring streams for your strategic keywords. Look for sales signals like ‘want’, ‘need’, ‘love’ and strategically reach out when it’s appropriate.
3. Participate in Conversations that Align with your Brand: It doesn’t have to be all sales all the time. One Chicago-based company Foiled Cupcakes has developed 94% of her clientele through social media. Her strategy? Join conversations that the target market is having, specifically around shoes and chocolates and then convert those prospects into sales.


Foiled Cupcakes

You can also check out our infographics to see other interesting facts about how small business uses Twitter and other social media.

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