I recently got involved with a fantastic Facebook Marketing program by Mari Smith where she is doing an online series talking about all things that matter with respect to Facebook.  I have to say that everything I have ever seen from her is super and I highly recommend checking her information out.  She is a wealth of knowledge and know-how.  As way to get people to talk with each other she set up a private Facebook group where peoplec an ask each other questions, post comments, share stories and basically become an engaged community of people who want to become Facebook experts.  Now I use that term a little tongue in cheek, because I believe the whole concept of a social media expert is kind of a joke, as there are really no criteria for what “expert” means in social media.  I am about 75% of the way done with my new book called The Social Media Badass Handbook, which answers a lot of social media questions in very real terms.  It is just the way I speak and it comes through in the way I write as well.  There is a huge difference between a badass and an expert.  Back to the “expert” thing…

This guy is a "social media expert" because he sold some cars online!

As the founder of a social media agency, I do likely have more experience than most in building social media pages, profiles, applications, tabs, etc.  So I guess in a sense I could say that makes me an expert…but I choose not to use that term.  Instead, my team members and many of my clients have dubbed me The Social Media Badass, because everything we do at The Big Fat Mouth revolves around one theme and one theme only…keeping it real.  Badasses are real to a fault.  They do what they want to because they know it is right.   To me if you want to be a social media badass, the first thing you have to do is make a commitment to keeping it real.  You don’t need to talk in a bunch of marketing acronyms, have the most friends, have the most followers, or focus on any of those other criteria that many experts tend to get hung up on.  You definitely don’t need an MBA with a marketing focus! Leave that for the “social media experts.”  You just need to focus on having  a real conversation with the people you would like to talk with.  Plain and simple.  It is no different than having a conversation on the phone with friends, on the sports field with other parents or with people in your favorite club or organization.  The only difference is that in social media you type instead of speak and your words reach potentially millions instead of a handful.  The story remains the same!

So now to finally get to my point, there has been a lot of conversation in this Facebook Group about Edge Rank.  For those of you who do not know, Edge Rank is a system that Facebook uses to determine who will actually see your content on Facebook.  Contrary to popular belief not everyone sees everything you write on Facebook…even if they “Like” your page.  The numbers are actually about 30% of your fans (“Likes”) will actually even have the opportunity to see your little gems.  A big part of Edge Rank (although nobody knows everything that goes into it…kind of like Google’s algorithm) is how many people actually interact with your content.  That means that they Like it, they comment, they share…you get the idea.  So if interacting with the content is the biggest part of the equation, logic would dictate that the content has to be good.  By good I mean it has to be valuable, interesting, funny, unique or something else that is going to make me want to interact with it and share it.  So for example, some of the professional athletes that we handle used to post things like “Bustin’ my butt in the gym gettin’ ready for the season” as a status.  At best, their fans might click on the Like button, but that is about it.  When we let them know that posting a video of part of their workout would increase interactions by a hundredfold, they tried it and found out we were right.  But once again I digress…

The point here is that rather than getting all caught up in Edge Rank and all of the other factors that may or may not go into who sees your content, spend time creating content that people care about.  I promise you that when you create compelling content that people can easily interact with, your Edge Rank will take care of itself and your fan base, which we call your Stream Of Influence, will increase.  The bottom line is that good content creates followers and an engaged fan base.  Posting inane things for the sake of posting is not only a waste of time and energy, but it can actually cause your Stream of Influence to shrink.

The key takeaway here is that Content is King.  If people like your content all of the other stuff will take care of itself.  Leave deciphering Edge Rank to the “experts” while you build your audience, drive sales and become a Social Media Badass.

Let us know if you know a person, brand or company that is a social media badass that we might want to cover on The Social Media Badass Report.

OK… let me know your thoughts.


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