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Animal House on Broadway

Ok… so I normally reserve this blog for things that are somewhat social media marketing related…or at least marketing related.  Today I am making a huge exception to that because I am excited, confused and nervous, all at the same time.  Animal House is my favorite movie of all time and I think John Belushi […]

Check out this video for your 27 Second Social Media Badass Tip on Using Keywords and Hash Tags with Pintrest       You should always use keywords in your description field for all of your pins to help you help others find your content. Another absolute must is to use hah tags at the […]

Mercedes to Integrate Siri Into Cars

From Marketing Vox Mercedes Benz described plans to integrate Siri into its “Drive Kit Plus” program at the Mobile World Congress, currently underway at Barcelona. The integration will allow drivers to access their iPhone apps using only their voices while driving. (via the International Business Times). Mercedes-Benz is also incorporating Facebook into its in-vehicle telematics […]

There is no doubt that every brand out there knows they need to be using social media as a tool in their marketing toolbox. The problem is that many brands are still struggling with how to figure out the impact of social media on their business.  While I am not going to be able to […]

12 Badass Social Media Quotes

Since social media is all about sharing, I figured that I would share some of my favorite social media quotes from many of the people who are on the front lines of social media marketing.  These quotes are funny, insightful, poignant and they should all make you think and re-think what you are doing today […]

Badass Facts on Pintrest Users

So everyone you know is talking about Pintrest right?  Is it just your friends or is it really everyone?  Well.. we all know it is the fastest growing stand alone website in the history of the internet, so it must be everyone.  With 1.36 million users daily, peeps are pinning stuff around the clock and […]

I read an interesting article in the newspaper this week about Flo.  You know… Flo the annoyingly charming spokesperson for Progressive Insurance.  You love her and hate her all at the same time, but you can’t see, to escape from her.  It seems like she is all over television and I honestly do not watch […]

10 Shocking Social Media Badass Facts

There is so much data floating around out there on the Internet that it can make your head spin.  I always find these crazy facts and say that I have to tell people about them, but then life comes along and I forget.  Today I decided that I was going to take the couple of […]

In my role as the Social Media Badass at the social media agency, The Big Fat Mouth, it is incumbent upon me to know about social media innovation as it happens.  You know, to know about the big news and tell people about it before it becomes mainstream.  This post is not one of those […]

I recently got involved with a fantastic Facebook Marketing program by Mari Smith where she is doing an online series talking about all things that matter with respect to Facebook.  I have to say that everything I have ever seen from her is super and I highly recommend checking her information out.  She is a […]