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Why We Are No Longer Friends

So, if you spend enough time on Facebook, you will see that you have been “de-friended: by someone. What the hell? Why were you kicked out of the circle? Well… take a look at the infographic below to see the top reasons people de-friend you on Facebook as well as a bunch of other interesting […]

If you are trying to create a positive image for your brand or service, it is important to greet your guests with a big smile and a handshake. Well, that does not change if you are trying to create that positive image on Facebook or another social platform…other than the fact that you have to […]

Is Your Facebook Tab Sagging in the Middle?

Have you ever had a slice of Pizza with just way too many toppings?  You know the kind that sounds really good when you are ordering it…the one that satisfies your salty, sweet, spicy and other taste desires?  You can’t wait to eat that masterpiece, but when it comes it is just too hard to […]

You Need To Light A Fire Under Someone’s Ass!

It is crazy to think that there are about 750 million people on Facebook right now and a shocking number of them log in every single day. It blows my mind when I hear brand people say that they are not sure if they need social media or they even have time to use it…as […]