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SEO Tips For 2014

SEO TIPS FOR A HAPPY 2014   Here is a great infographic on some SEO best practices for 2014.  More importantly, it is a great way to see how thinking in the world of SEO has changed in just a few short years.   If you have a website and want it to appear on […]

Jeffrey Campbell shoes are the bomb

I Love my Jeffrey Campbell Shoes   I love all shoes made by Jeffrey Campbell because they make me feel good.  When I was unboxing my new spike heel shoes, I cut my finger.     Related News To Jeffrey Campbell Art Basel Miami Beach Event Guide Wednesday Rick Ross Chanel Valentino Huffington Post  

Logitech Unveils Washable Keyboard

Washable Keyboard Is Great For Kids This one comes to up compliments of Kate Freeman over at Mashable.  How many times have your kids spilled something on the keyboard when they are using the computer?  Let’s be honest here – how many times have you spilled your coffee or food on your own keyboard?  It […]

Marketing Your Small Business With Twitter

Energize Your Small Business Marketing With Twitter   In today’s economy, every business could use a marketing boost, but many business people have no idea how to start.  One great way to energize your small business marketing is to use Twitter.  Of course it is free, and there are millions of people…no make that potential […]

Jabar Gaffney’s Twitter Meltdown – A Lesson For Athletes In Social Media.   Jabar Gaffney, a wide receiver for the Washington Redskins, provided all us with a lesson on what an athlete should never do on Twitter or on any social media site for that matter.  It seems that he was having a fight with […]

Social Media Failure Is Good!

Failure is good for you.  If you have what it takes to get keep trying you will eventually succeed.  My father always used to ask me what would have happened if the guy who invented 7-Up would have quit at 6?  I am pretty sure there is no truth to that 7-Up thing, but it […]

Top Reasons Pintrest Is So Addicting

In my role as The Social Media Badass at The Big Fat Mouth, I am supposed to know what is going on in social media on all fronts and play with platforms equally.  (Yes,  I do consider it to be play, not work).  What I have found is that I can’t stop myself from checking […]

Every brand knows that they need to figure this social media thing out, but many of them are not giving it the attention it requires.  People feel that since there are so many free options, out there, that it is best to just duck their corporate heads into the sand and hope for the best.  […]

Top Scams – Have You Seen These?

For the sake of this conversation, let’s keep Koni 2012 off to the side, as we don’t know yet if that is a scam or just a not-for-profit that doesn’t do a great job with allocating funds to the right places.  Either way, it was an incredible viral event, the like of which we have […]

Facebook started rolling out Interest Lists this week to users around the world.  An Interest list is basically a personalized news feed created by a Facebook user on any topic they want to follow.  Facebook users can create and subscribe to any of these Interest Lists they like such as on on sports, recipes, social […]