There is so much data floating around out there on the Internet that it can make your head spin.  I always find these crazy facts and say that I have to tell people about them, but then life comes along and I forget.  Today I decided that I was going to take the couple of minutes it took to put them down in my blog and share them with you.  Without further adieu…

68% of Global Chief Marketing Officers feel challenged by social media

CMO's feel challeneged by social mediaI find this one astounding because as social media becomes one of the most powerful pieces of the marketing mix, how can long can senior marketers ignore it?  There is no doubt that social media is here to stay, so it is time for every marketer to spend the time and understand at least the very basics of how brands need to be using social media.  It is time to jump out of the world of marketing theory and go meet your customers where they really are.

70% of US Companies feel unprepared for social media

UNprepared for social mediaAgain, how is this possible?  I am thinking that maybe this does make sense, because smart marketers know that using social media for personal use and for marketing are two completely different animals.  I also think there is a certain fear factor in there as well.  Up until recently, brands could hide their heads in the sand and hope that anything bad would just go away.  Not anymore!  There are too many people with too big of an audience to hope that “things take care of themselves.”


Only 13% of marketers understand the value of social media on their organic SEO

seo loves social mediaThis one blows my mind.  With social media and specifically social signals becoming more important to Google rankings, marketers can not afford to sit on the sidelines and hope their traditional SEO efforts are enough.  As you know, backlinks are the fiber of SEO because they are essentially votes for a site’s popularity for specific phrases.  Now, the search engines are all starting to look at real votes… from real humans…as indicators of how popular webpages really are.  Imagine that!  There is a storm a’comin’


80% of social media users prefer to connect to brands through Facebook with Twitter coming in a distant second place with a mere 6%

Sure it is easy to build the number of your Twitter followers because there is no real relationship being built through Twitter.  Your post is there and and gone all inside of 30 seconds, whereas on Facebook the post can remain on your wall for weeks if it is interesting enough.  That is not to say that Twitter does not have a place in a brand’s social media mix, but clearly the focus should be on Facebook.


US web users spend 53.5 BILLION minutes per month on Facebook

That is 53.5 Billion with  a”B” minutes per month.  Talk about fishing where the fish are!


63% of people who click the “Like” button expect something in return

Basically this means that if you are out there collecting “Likes” you won’t get too many people coming back to your page if you do not give them something in return.  Special content, a coupon, access to reports, and other useful content rule the day here.  Once you have them on your page, you better give them something to keep them engaged.  Like I always say, I would rather have 1,000 engaged fans than 100,000 fans who never come back to my page.

51% of all Facebook users access it via mobile

Social media is always on and always active.  People can potentially interact with your content wherever they are.  There is no down time!


Half of all TV viewers tweet about television shows

Social media is completely revolutionizing television and how information is shared.  Have you seen a sports broadcast lately where they do not share the commentator’s Twitter handle and encourage you to interact with them through Twitter?  Two years ago something like that would be considered cutting edge.  Today it is the price of entry.


68% of social media users go to social networks to read product reviews

online reviewIf you think you can afford to ignore what people are saying about your brand on social media think again.  Close to 70% are looking at what other have to say about your brand and take it as the gospel truth.


59% of online shoppers say user generated product reviews impact their buying behavior

buying behaviorLike I said above, your damn well better be paying attention to what people are saying about you online.  You should be monitoring brand sentiment around the clock.  Ignore what people are saying at your own risk!




In my role as The Social Media Badass at the Big Fat Mouth, I have the opportunity to speak with brand marketers every day.  It never ceases to amaze me how many of them still do not understand the value of social media and how to leverage its power for marketing purposes.  Social networks are littered with examples of brands who just don’t get it, as are many of the other social networks.  Fortunately there are also a lot of examples of brands who do get it and use social media very well.  Often the brands that do get it use the services of a social media agency or social media consultant and spend the time to create a solid strategy before they start.

I am interested to hear your opinions of who is doing it well and who is failing.  Let me know your thoughts..

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